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YEA! TEAM will soon be recruiting schools for 2009-2010.

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YEA! TEAM's anti-tobacco policy work sweeps the 2009 Project Citizen Showcase in Jefferson City and goes on to compete at the nationals.

Congratulations to the YEA! TEAM High School Media-Makers. Students from St. Louis City, Bayless, St. Joseph, Jennings, Wellston, and Rockwood School Districts reported on the activities of over 500 anti-tobacco advocates from all over the state. These students rose to the challenge and produced a broadcast quality newscast for the 2009 Anti Tobacco Youth Summit in Jefferson City. See the newscast at

The Youth Empowerment in Action! (YEA!) program promotes healthy youth and school communities through an intedisciplinary academic curriculum that incorporates the development of media literacy and civic engagement skills. These are the skills students need to successfully navigate the 21st century.

YEA! is a research-based service-learning program fully aligned to the Missouri Show-Me Standards and Grade Level Expectations. It was developed by the Center for Character & Citizenship in the College of Education, at the University of Missouri - St. Louis, with funding from the Missouri Foundation for Health and other private philanthropies.

YEA! is implemented in schools with funding from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. Schools receive teacher training, curriculum materials, media production services, and community outreach resources at no cost to the school. With continued support from our state legislators, YEA!’s goals of empowering youth to develop critical thinking skills, establish healthy habits, and lead positive change in their communities are becoming a reality!

See how YEA! students are engaging their legislators, creating media campaigns, and mobilizing their generation at the 2009 Youth Summit and the Project Citizen Showcase in Jefferson City!

Congratulations to Scott County Central on Winning the Best in State at the 2008 Project Citizen Showcase. Check out how we do in 2009 right here on April 30th! Read More...


YEA! extends a special thank you to Thomas Gorman Inc. for outfitting the new YEA! office with lovely furniture.

YEA Media Makers shine at the 2009 Youth Summit in Jefferson City (see the newscast at

YEA recruiting schools for 2009-2010 School Year

YEA completes Youth Tobacco Education, Advocacy, and Media Program

Scott County Wins Missouri's Project Citizen Showcase!

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