"Don't Dip, You Won't Have A Lip" - Chaffee

The “City with a Smile”, Chaffee, Missouri is located in Northern Scott County in Southeast Missouri about 15 miles South of Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Founded in 1905, the name Chaffee comes from the Chaffee Real Estate Company in St. Louis that was involved in the Chaffee land purchase. This mostly rural population is 3,059 with about 1,363 families. The population of the entire County is just over 40,000 with the County Seat named Benton, named after the famous Missourian Thomas Hart Benton.

Chaffee Middle and High Schools have a total population of 302 students. Both of the schools, led by Principal Neil Glass and Sponsor Brandi Ritter, elected to participate in the project with two distinct projects involving the whole student body. The Middle School led a poster slogan contest with the students. The winning slogan centered on a popular behavior in southern Missouri, that of chew tobacco, a very harmful habit resulting in the cancers that can occur very early in a young person’s life. The winning slogan, "Don't dip you won't have a lip", is very accurate, especially for this popular habit in Missouri.

The High School led a campaign that produced a video with the theme being “don’t be a statistic”. Again, a very factual product about the statistics of smoking and chewing.

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