"One Life, One Chance, Your Choice" - Cooter High

Cooter is a city in Pemiscot County located on the very bottom south eastern edge of Missouri’s boot heel. The population is 440 people, 176 households, and 118 families residing in the city. One tradition says the community was named for an abundance of coots, ducklike aquatic birds; another says it was named for a prominent local family, the Coutres. Pemiscot County has a population of fewer than 20,000 and borders two Missouri counties, two Arkansas counties, and one Tennessee Counties.

Cooter High School, of grades 7 – 12, hosts an enrollment of 196 students. The Cooter High School Project, supported by Principal Delane Beckwith and Sponsor Jennifer Ray, developed a non smoking youth campaign around their Prom and the statistics of cancer rates. Having the background of prom decorations, with the gowns and tuxedos, the student actors targeted the youth audience about the outcomes of cancer, including death, and ended with the prom queen being the statistic and the slogan: “One life, one chance, your choice!”

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