"Don't Get Addicted To This Deadly Habit, Take That Cigarette and Straight Up Snap It" - Holcomb

Holcomb, population 696, is a city in Dunklin County, in the Kennett metro area. [NOTE: This is not the only community in Missouri named Holcomb.  Holcomb is located in the bootheel area of southeastern Missouri about 60 miles from Jonesboro, Arkansas. Nearby communities include Clarkton, Campbell, Gideon, St. Francis Arkansas, Kennett, Piggott Arkansas, Malden and Greenway Arkansas. Dunklin County, population 43,000+, was organized in 1845 and is named for Daniel Dunklin, a former Governor of Missouri.

Holcomb R-III consisting of 7 – 12, and 253 students, created a campaign with many venues.  First, with Principal Ashley McMillian, and Sponsor Kris Noblin, the youth completed a slogan contest with the winning slogan the theme of one of their PSA’s.  In the first PSA, the youth were pictured stating one of many important smoking dangers facts and ending with the slogan:  “Don’t get addicted to this deadly habit – take that cigarette and straight up snap it!”  The second PSA used a theme from the Cave Man Portrayal on TV, and had a cave man interpreting a young woman’s story of stopping smoking.  The ending, of course, is “it’s so easy, even a caveman can do it!”

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