How can I join the fight?

I'm glad you asked.
We want you to use media for good. So far kids have made posters, written articles that have been published in local newspapers, taken photos, and created videos to speak out against tobacco. One example of a video that is now being run on cable TV commercial breaks is one produced by Arcadia Valley High School. The video showed random people in various locations holding a sign that said messages such as "I fell asleep smoking and now I'm homeless" or "Instead of giving my daughter lunch money, I use it for cigarettes". The end tag line said "What's Your Secret?" This video was an excellent example of kids using creativity to show how smoking leads to very negative and destructive results in person's life. Now it's your chance. We want more posters, more articles, more photos, and more videos on display all across the state of Missouri, to let people know that you are going to take a stand.
Join the fight against big tobacco, let's make Missouri "Show Me Smoke Free".