"Hang Tough, Don't Puff" -Kennett

Kennett, Missouri boasts a population of 11,072 and where the popular singer, Sheryl Crow, calls it her home town.  In the Southeast Lowland Region of Missouri on a Delaware and Shawnee Indian Village site, Kennett was laid out as the seat of Dunklin County, in 1846.  The town was first called Chilletecaux for a Delaware Indian living there at the time.  In 1851 it was renamed Kennett for the Mayor of St. Louis, L. M. Kennett.  The county name honors Missouri Governor Daniel Dunklin. 

Kennett is the seat of the first “Bootheel” county formed after Missouri became a state.  The extreme southeast counties of Dunklin (1845) and Pemiscot (1851), with a section of New Madrid (1812), are said to be part of Missouri through the efforts of J. Hardeman Walker, pioneer planter in Pemiscot County.  Kennett is 100 miles north of Memphis, Tennessee, and 200 miles south of St. Louis, Missouri.

Enrollment at Kennett High School is 539, and Principal Edward Siebenhuener, Deb Cook and Bethany Britt, Sponsors, supported the Student Council youth in developing a non smoking campaign.  The youth planned a PSA around the famous fairy tale of ‘sleeping beauty’ where the Prince finds the young maiden and awakens her with a kiss.  Unfortunately, this sleeping beauty had been exposed to too much second hand smoke by the maid of the castle.  When she didn’t awake, the message given to the community was that “Smoking was no fairy tale!”

The students of the High School participated in a lively slogan contest and the local winner was chosen for the saying, “hang tough, don’t puff!”  One of the runner up slogans, was selected as the Project Wide slogan of the year for its originality and message to all state communities.   The selection of: “Show Me – Smoke free!” is highlighted as this year’s top slogan.

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