"Smoking Is Not A Life Enhancer, It Will Only Give You Cancer" - Malden High

The City of Malden, located five miles south of the north boundary line of Dunklin County, sits on a sand ridge extending north and south between the lowlands of New Madrid County on the east and the foothills of the Ozarks on the west. Malden forms an important link in the chain of progressive cities that extend from north to south through this part of Missouri, which is called the Bootheel. The origins of Malden differ from story to story, but there are three most famous. One tradition says the community was named for Malden, MA; another says it was named for Col. T.H. Maulden, landowner, and the other says that a young civil engineer, Otto, who had charge of laying out the new town said that one morning, after staying at a farm house all night, a Major Clark said: "Otto, I know what to name the new town -- I dreamed it was named Malden."   Whichever you choose, the town now hosts 4,659 residents and is the home of the Bootheel Youth Museum.

The Malden Principal Ron Golden, and sponsor Mary Howell, a health teacher and coach, led students from both schools, Students against Destructive Decisions (SADD), with the slogan contest, a rap song supported by Mindset Management of the YEA Project, and a PSA. The slogan winner of the school was   "Smoking is not a life enhancer.......it will only give you cancer!!"   The PSA was built around how nicotine had hurt different people in different ways and asked the question “What will you do?  Will you do anything?”

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