What's Everyone Else Saying ?

We caught up with some of you, the youth, and your teachers to see your thoughts about the Spring 2008 project. Here's what they had to say:
  • "It was pretty cool, we never really got to do something like this, so for us to have the opportunity to do something like this was pretty exciting, and we got to hang out and learn new facts about tobacco."
    -Daniel Fisher, 16, Holcomb Senior High

    "I think tobacco prevention projects work a lot because children need to learn at a young age that they shouldn’t smoke and if their parents or people around them smoke, that’s setting a bad example for them, therefore the prevention programs help to teach them that it is wrong."
    -April Hager, 15, Holcomb Senior High

  • "Thanks so much, the kids are soooo excited they keep on asking about it!!! On behalf of the kids, our school, and community I would like to thank ya'll for all of your hard work and giving us the opportunity to try and prevent tobacco use in our school and area we live in general, this is an awesome project! I look forward to hearing from you and working with you in the future!"
    -Jennifer Ray, Teacher, Cooter High

  • "We gave a presentation to our school board last Thursday and it was awesome, they were totally impressed. Thank you, we had fun with the project and learned something along the way. Thanks, this was a fun and worthwhile project and thanks Laura, look forward to working with you further"
    -Dan Barzowski, Teacher, Arcadia High