"Light-Up A Bright Idea, Not A Cigarette" -Woodland

Marble Hill is a city in Bollinger County, Missouri. Marble Hill was established in 1842 as New California; it was renamed Dallas in 1851. In 1868, the name was changed again, this time to Marble Hill, in order to prevent confusion between the city and Dallas County, also in Missouri. The population is 1,502 and also serves as the county seat of Bollinger County.

Woodland Middle School has an enrollment of 435 and the current Principal is Mr. Jennings O Wilkinson. Emily Johnson, Middle School Guidance Counselor and Sponsor.
Project: Slogan/Poster Contest: Our project is going to be on display at the Bollinger County Library. The library is an awesome resource to empower our teens. This seems to be a popular 'hang out', especially with the different computer game competitions they host and the high speed internet access. As you can see from the pictures, the left side of our media board contains chewing tobacco facts and the right side contains smoking facts. The middle section of the board is the best part! Our students created magazine covers which are full of anti-tobacco messages. A high school student helped us with the Photoshop program in order to place the pictures on our magazine covers.
“Light up a bright idea- not a cigarette”

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